Stranje House Novels, Katherine Baldwin

Stranje House is a school for girls, but it’s not just any school. Miss Stranje trains the girls do things females wouldn’t normally be taught- like hand to hand combat, or knife throwing. Some of the girls have unusual abilities; Tess has dreams that often come true, Georgie is a brilliant chemist, Lady Jane is a practical mastermind, Sera can remember small details and is a talented artist, and Maya has a way with words. Some other characters are Lord Ravencross who inherited the title after from his older brother; Sebastian and Captain Grey who are both in the service of the Crown.

The main enemies in the books are-

Lady Daneska- A former student of Miss Stranje’s, she betrayed England and went to Napoleon’s side

Ghost- A mysterious figure on the side of the French

Napoleon Bonaparte- The Emperor of France

There are currently two books in the series, A School for Unusual Girls, told from Georgiana’s (Georgie’s) view and Exile for Dreamers told from Tess’s view. The third book, Refuge for Masterminds, is told from Jane’s point of view and will be published in May 2017. Katherine Baldwin has done an amazing job writing the Stranje House novels; the plot is well thought out and the books are well written.



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