Talon: Movie TV Show Cast

Synopsis- For centuries, The Order of St. George has been hunting down dragons like Ember and Dante Hill, the only dragon-kind twins. Ember and Dante are sent to live with humans, so they can penetrate society. Unfortunately, Ember wants to enjoy life as human, going to the beach and making friends before joining TALON. Enter Riley, a rogue dragon. He knows things about the dragons that Riley doesn’t. Garret Sebastian from the Order of St. George is sent to destroy Ember and Dante, but he can’t carry out his mission unless he knows for certain that they are dragon and not actual humans. When he meets Ember, he’s confused, she is very much like a human except for the fact that she can shift into a large scaly monster. There are three books in the Talon series, Talon, Rogue, and Soldier.


Ember Hill- Katherine McNamara

You may know Katherine McNamara from Freeform’s Shadowhunters (from the books by Cassandra Clare). She seems the perfect fit for the fiery dragon.

Riley/Cobalt- Austin Butler

Riley, or Cobalt, a rogue dragon fighting against TALON, and rescuing hatchlings.                    I don’t know why, but Austin Butler has the face for the rogue type. I don’t know anything about his recent acting skills (I saw him in Zoey 101 but that was a while ago) but I think he could pull off being a rogue dragon.

Garrett- Liam Hemsworth or Cody Christian

Garett Xavier Sebastian, a soldier for The Order of St. George dedicated to hunting down and killing dragons. Liam Hemsworth seems like the soldier type, don’t you think? The same goes for Cody Christian.

Dante Hill- Taylor Lautner or Dylan O’Brien

Dante, Ember’s twin brother is fiercely loyal to TALON and has a way with words, swaying the opinion of humans. He is a natural leader, and TALON is watching him- he will be a useful tool for them in the future. Both Taylor and Dylan seem like a fit for the young, cunning dragon. It’s just something about their faces.



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