Flawed, Cecelia Ahern

Celestine North has a perfect life, but that’s all upturned after she helps a old Flawed man. But in Humming, the fictional city in which she lives, there is a law against helping the Flawed. So, Celestine is taken away and put on trial, for a simple act of kindness, you could be judged Flawed. If you’re judged Flawed, you’re branded. Since she is family friends with Judge Crevan, the person over the trials, he tries to give her a way out. But on the stand, she tells the truth. There are five brands that can be given- For Stealing From Society- The Right Hand For Bad Judgment- The Temple For Collusion with The Flawed- The Sole of the Right Foot For Disloyalty To the Guild and Society- The Chest For Lying- The Tongue.  Of course, Celestine is branded with all five. In the branding chamber, before the very last branding, her tongue, Judge Crevan comes and gives her a chance to admit that she was wrong and he would stop the tongue branding. In a fit of rage, after she refuses and has been branded, he adds a sixth brand- without anesthetic.

I felt like she didn’t really describe some of the other characters, and some parts didn’t flow,  But then there was the torn between two guys part, it made me stop and roll my eyes. Seriously, can’t you just have a normal story for once? It seems like everything that might be a really good book always has to have the love triangle. And some parts were actually really boring. The overall plot was good, but Flawed is definitely not one of the best books I’ve read. It was just… okay. But I feel obligated to read the second book, which is scheduled to come out in summer 2017.


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